Emely Nicole Diaz

A Dominican American artist from the South Bronx 🙌

I like to explore all forms of visual arts, especially cartooning and animation. I also like to write.

My childhood involved a lot of moving around. I was born in Puerto Rico, lived in the Dominican Republic for 2 years, bounced from one school to another across different NYC boroughs, and then finally settled into the South Bronx. It was disorienting– constantly needing to acclimate into new spaces. I wanted to keep to myself and my sketchbook, but quickly I learned that art was a universal language and something everyone could relate to. As a little kid, it was my way of connecting to my classmates; what are you drawing? Have you seen this new movie? What’s your favorite show? Now as an adult, it is how I communicate personal ideas and beliefs in a way that is genuine, meaningful, and inclusive.

I don’t regret my childhood. The exposure I received earned me something extremely valuable. It gave me my passion for diverse stories, and my desire to learn as much about as many people as possible– my curiosity for and appreciation of every person’s unique narrative continues to grow.

Where is She Now?

I am one year graduated from The School of Visual Arts, with a degree in Computer Art, Computer Animation, and Visual Effects. I am currently employed at Method Studios as a VFX Production Coordinator.

On the side, I still like to doodle and draw, and work on my stories. I hope to write a book some day... someday far, far, far away.